As an enthusiast photographer i have tens and hundreds of photos laying around in computers, laptops, external HD and cloud services.

i found myself lost when trying to search through my photos let alone sort them.

after spending many hours frustrated and desperate from how long it will take me i decided to go and look for the best software that was available


After buying and installing almost every software out there i came to a few conclusions.

They were expensive.

They did a poor work in sorting and finding duplicates.

They were SLOW!!!


disappointed from what i found i set off to develop my own software!!

Today i’m proud to present EZ PHOTOS

  • It’s fast.
  • It actualy sorts your files.
  • it puts aside all duplicates – VISUAL COMPARISON
  • it let’s you manage your photos with ease.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Real Sorting

We'll handle the heavy lifting

Finding your photo was never easier

when we sort we will create a year and day based gallery

Duplicate Removal

A one of a kind service

One of a Kind

We compare photos based on their content. using the most advanced and accurate algorithm

Easy to use

No previous knowledge needed


We’ve specifically created this software to be hassle free and straight forward.

Easy to use 


  • View the Gallery folder where all of the photos are.

  • View Duplicate folder to see if there is anything you want to keep

File Selection

  • 1st  Option – select your files and copy them to the sort folder.

  • 2nd Option – open the sort folder to manually transfer the photos.

We’ll take it from here

  • Real time work stats.

  • Duplicate photos data

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

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